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Diets, Twilter Swap and Bowling

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I started a diet on pi day. I didn’t chose the date on purpose, but that’s how ironic my choices can be. It all made me laugh when I realized it half way through the day. At first, I thought the interwebs were out to get me, with all the delicious pies plastered everywhere.

I chose a Monday because I’d be at work where temptation could be limited, and it seemed a fresh start. I’d also seen all the wonderful pictures and posts about Quiltcon 2015. Something sparked in me and I just had to start making plans to go next year. After all, it’ll be on the eastern side of the US, so much closer to me!

Then I realized a lot of different things all at once. My back pain in the beginning of this year and last. How hard it’s been to walk any sort of distance or even tie my shoes without a giant struggle. I was starting to feel the need to buy larger jeans *again*. Sigh.

But here was the kicker. I’d have to fly to Savanah. I’ve never flown before and I’ll be doing it alone. And doing it fat. Ack. I’m terrified of driving in snow although I’ve done it most of my adult life. There’s usually a lot of snow in February you know, and that’s when the next Quiltcon is. So I have to fly.

I’m a big girl. Most of my life I’ve fought the battle to lose weight. In my very early 20s, I had Grave’s disease and lost 80 pounds in 6 months without trying. I went through treatment for it, got healthy and maintained that weight for a decade. Gradually, my weight climbed until about 7 years ago when I was asked to be a bride’s maid in a tight, strapless gown in a wedding party full of skinny chicks. That’s some amazing motivation right there! I ended up losing 50ish pounds and felt pretty good about where I was heading. Another 50ish and I’d be thin again!

Then my dad died.

I’m now working on losing 125 pounds. I’m also working on loving who I am at each stage. It can always get worse, and it will if I don’t proactively push myself in the opposite direction.  I’m all for self love and loving your larger frame and living in the moment. You do you, baby. I’ll cheer you on and dance it out with you. I’ve been very comfortable with my plus size and it took me years to get there.

But now, things are different. I’m in physical pain and I’m uncomfortable. I know my first plane ride will be uncomfortable at my size and humiliating as a result. Once I get to Quiltcon, I’ll be winded in a short time, my feet will hurt and my back will ache.  Diabetes and heart disease killed my dad and maternal grandmother. Odds are I’ll follow in their footsteps and in my 60s as well. I figure if I can quit smoking, I can lose an average sized, grown person. Piece of cake! Ahem.

Today closes the first 5 weeks of my new lifestyle. I had fried pickles at  Melt 2 weeks ago and felt horrible about it, but haven’t stepped off track other than that. This morning, my new friend Mr. Scale told me I’ve lost almost 24 pounds. I’m using the Lose It! App to track my calories and what I’m eating. If you use the app, you can friend me through my email weezyworks at yahoo.com.  Fitbit tracks my steps and syncs to the Lose It! App.  There have been a few days where I’ve gained a few pounds back but usually a lose those and more within a few days. I know there are people who believe you shouldn’t weigh in every day or at all, but I need to. It’s helping me gauge what’s working and what’s not. And it’s damned encouraging most days!

So, as of this moment in time, I’m pretty sure I’ll fly for my first time like any normal sized person. I’ll stroll through Savannah and Quiltcon with ease and have a fabulous vacation to celebrate. I may not be to my goal by then, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be a lot closer than I am right now.

Hubs and I have started going bowling with our children on Sunday morning. They’re all so busy but this seems to be a great time to go for all of them. Plus, it’s great therapy for Larry as he’s still recovering from his spine surgery a little over a year ago.


In fact, he bowled the sole right off his bowling shoes. Can you believe this happened after 4 games, and just as he returned from his final frame of the day? The man is lucky, I tell ya. Don’t worry, his new shoes are on their way! (Along with a new bowling bag because it has to match his shoes)


Lastly, the Twilters are having a go at this block swap in honor of Frances Dowell’s new book “Birds in the Air”.  I’m hosting this one and so far, we have 37 ladies participating. In July, I’m going to be up to my ears in blocks!