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WW #25 Put a Bird On It

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It’s almost my one year podaversay! I can’t believe how quickly time passed.

This is the painting my sister did for me. Her name isn’t on the real thing, but I thought I should protect her work when I post it here on the internet ūüėČ




Isn’t it just beautiful? I love it so much! If my house were to ever catch fire, this would be one of the things I’d grab on my way out. (Knock on non-burning wood)

Wine By Design¬†is where my sister¬†works her magic mojo. If you’re anywhere in Northern or Central Indiana, consider taking a class from her or any of the terrific instructors.

Wenonah is my beautiful and talented baby sister.

This is the quilt I finished for charity.


Love Quilts is always looking for more stitchers and people to quilt for them.

I made this¬†panda block¬†but didn’t use it in the quilt. I’m sure I will find the perfect place for it someday.


My friend’s quilt turned out beautifully!


Wendys quilt
Jaye is a very talented quilter and a dear lady. You should check out her mad skillz!