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#44 Quiltcon Recap

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My survival kit for the airport. Thanks Heather!

The winner “bling“. Roilyn, me and Daisy

Carmit, Jacquie Gering, me, Roilyn, and Daisy

Roilyn, Jen and me

Daisy, AJ, and me

James, Frances and Paula

Lynn, Pam, Jen, Daisy and Roilyn

Me, Melissa Averinos and Daisy

Mary Fons and me

I’m standing in front of the Aurifil quilt.

This guy was our host for the Ghosts and Graveyards tour.

Me and Christina Cameli

Daisy, Ellen, me and Roilyn

Me and Linzi standing in front of her quilt “Tartan Tattoo”.

Angela Walters and me

The Savannah Riverboat tour on the top deck.

Roilyn and Daisy before we took cover from the sun.

The crochet set that caused me to be searched by TSA.

The rest of my loot!

My favorite picture from this trip. Whatevs.

My current quilting set up. The 301 only gives me a few inches of quilting space, just enough to squeak by.

#37 Rubber Chicken Juggler

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned sharing the matching wallet I made for my new purse.


I’ve used it for a few weeks now and I’m quite pleased with it.


I think it may be a bit big for everyday use, but my new phone fits in it well. If I need to, I can grab all my essentials in this one wallet.


I have had many request to make one for someone, but have politely declined!


Lose It! is the app and website helping me reach my weight loss goals.

Quilters and Sewists is the LoseIt! group I created to find and friend more quilter users. Please feel free to add me as a friend so that we can support each other!

#35 Mean Quilt Girls

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In this episode, I talk about mean quilt girls.mean quilt girl

Here’s the code if you’d like to take the pledge and share!

<a href=”http://offkilterquilt.com/okq-blog/quilt-judgement-day/” target=”blank”><img src=”http://www.weezyworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/MQG.png”></a>

This is the generic princesses quilt I finished for Love quilts a few weeks ago.


A close up and label.


This is the Disney princesses quilt.


And its label.


Here’s the website for the app I’ve been using to lose weight. You can link to me through my email weezyworks at yahoo.

#33 Sewing Machine Cases and a Book Review

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I hit my local Harbor Freight this past week for some machine storage.


I saw people posting pictures in the vintage machine group I belong to on Facebook, using these cases for Featherweights.  Sometimes the vintage cases fall prey to damage that they can’t recover from. I have a few of these cases that I’m trying to rehab but until then, I’d like them protected.

When I got it home, I saw how roomy it looked with a Featherweight, so I decided to see if my 301 fit. It did!! I believe there’s also room for a few accessories as well.


When I posted my 301 pictures, other members asked if other Singers would fit. I had a 500 series sitting near so I tried that one.


It was a tight fit, but even so, I think you could probably fit an accessory case in there, too!

I didn’t try the 400 series, but was told the spool pin prevents the case from closing. I haven’t tried, but I think at least one of my 400 series has a removable pin.


I purchased the first pattern from Sewhooked since I missed the beginning of the quilt along. Come on people, $2 and I got this great machine pattern! Next month, I’ll be able to get the next free.

This is the 12 inch version. I love it!


And the cute little 6 incher <3


I also stitched these out for Love Quilts USA.


Christa Watson’s wonderful book, Machine Quilting With style, is available here.

She is also hosting a quilt along using one of her gorgeous modern designs from this book called “Facets”. Quilters from all experience levels will enjoy this one!

WW #29 Quilting for Hire

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I was on vacation last week, but didn’t get half of my “to do” list completed.

This is the Angry Birds quilt I finished for Love Quilts. There’s no child for it yet, but I don’t think that will take long.


My aunt’s quilt is complete.


The back was pieced from my scraps too.


The puppies got a hair cut but it took several days o complete them.IMG_20150904_130327

Hubs finally got new burn barrels. This one looks like it has an angry face.image

Here’s the link for faces that I referenced.

I got sucked into the garage cleaning vortex.

This is the Singer 101 that I just don’t have time to rewire.

One of several Singer 99s I own. This one needs a new home.

A cute little Kenmore with a crappy cabinet. Stability was not part of this cabinet design but the machine makes a great stitch!

Several empty cabinets that I just don’t need/ have time to repair/ have room to keep. That’s Baby keeping an eye out. Several offers were made for her and my final, lowest price is 64 gazillion dollars.FB_IMG_1441816187642

This is my neighbor’s mom’s old Kenmore. There are lots of issues with it. Wiring is just the beginning. After talking with her, we decided it needs to go away. Someone is supposed to be picking it up on Wednesday.


My blocks for our Twilter’s hashtag swap.FB_IMG_1441930796990

I finally started painting this Martha Washington sewing cabinet. It’s not finished yet, but is being painted a lovely shade of gray.


The Twilters! Facebook group is now set to secret but you can still join us. Just send me a message asking to join and I’ll send you an invitation!