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WW #30

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Hi! Lots of things happened in the past month. Here are a few highlights.

I use Podkicker Pro to download and listen to podcasts.

The pink disappearing four patch.


The pink and blue Jacob’s ladder.


Freshly painted Martha Washington sewing cabinet. I still want to do a bit of decorative painting on it. My kitchen is now the same color gray.


Here’s my new feed dog cover for featherweight machines. I got it here.

image image

Happy birthday, baby boy!


Enjoying a beer with my son.


Chris, Jeff, and Larry.


Cheri and Butch, the best neighbors in the universe.


Where the magic happens at Slippery Rock.


Mojo and Baby enjoying their fall salad.


Beautiful day in the neighborhood.


WW #29 Quilting for Hire

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I was on vacation last week, but didn’t get half of my “to do” list completed.

This is the Angry Birds quilt I finished for Love Quilts. There’s no child for it yet, but I don’t think that will take long.


My aunt’s quilt is complete.


The back was pieced from my scraps too.


The puppies got a hair cut but it took several days o complete them.IMG_20150904_130327

Hubs finally got new burn barrels. This one looks like it has an angry face.image

Here’s the link for faces that I referenced.

I got sucked into the garage cleaning vortex.

This is the Singer 101 that I just don’t have time to rewire.

One of several Singer 99s I own. This one needs a new home.

A cute little Kenmore with a crappy cabinet. Stability was not part of this cabinet design but the machine makes a great stitch!

Several empty cabinets that I just don’t need/ have time to repair/ have room to keep. That’s Baby keeping an eye out. Several offers were made for her and my final, lowest price is 64 gazillion dollars.FB_IMG_1441816187642

This is my neighbor’s mom’s old Kenmore. There are lots of issues with it. Wiring is just the beginning. After talking with her, we decided it needs to go away. Someone is supposed to be picking it up on Wednesday.


My blocks for our Twilter’s hashtag swap.FB_IMG_1441930796990

I finally started painting this Martha Washington sewing cabinet. It’s not finished yet, but is being painted a lovely shade of gray.


The Twilters! Facebook group is now set to secret but you can still join us. Just send me a message asking to join and I’ll send you an invitation!

WW# 10 Plus Talk

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In this episode, I talk about purses, plus size sewing, a baby quilt and job update.

This is the purse pattern I’ve been using lately. The little blue bag is the pattern I used for the wedding bag I made a few weeks ago. The rose on black bag is the larger of the 2, and the one I used for the bag I revamped this week.


I didn’t take before shots, but this is the after. The difference is the vinyl bottom, corners and handles.

20141029_105003_wm I love that it’s almost like new, but in future bags, I will add the corner pieces a bit differently. This works great as an upgrade/ repair.


QuirkyPrettyCute is the site I found this week that gave me the inspiration and encouragement to start planning my new clothing. She is also a contributor to The Curvy Sewing Collective. These sites are rich with information, instruction, and links to other helpful sites. I will podcast and post on this topic as I go along.

This is the Martha Washington sewing cabinet in my living room. It holds a lot of cross stitching supplies and a few thread crochet projects in the sides. I believe there are vintage White sewing machines that come in a larger version of this cabinet. I’ve not seen them first hand, but have seen pictures of them.

I will post pictures of the one to be painted as I get it started. Right now it’s in cob webs and dust in the corner of my garage. I’ve had my fill of spiders for the week ::ack::


Ok, this is a bit blurry but you get a general idea. I snapped a quick picture on my phone before I posted this episode. Baby G should be arriving soon and I hope she will spend many hours under or on top of this soft, snuggly flannel.

20141029_111617_wm This is “Paper Doll Sampler” by Daisy Kingdom’s Patty Reed. It’s a reprint of her designs and I have a serious love affair with this collection. The little girl reminds me of my granddaughter, Autumn. She looked a lot like this little girl when she was 3. This fabric will be the backing for Baby G’s quilt. The colors are perfect!

Here is a shot of wasp #3 from yesterday. Once the finances are back to normal, I think I need to hire an exterminator. Seriously, it’s past ridiculous.