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WW #48

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I had a very busy July! After time with the grandkids, I went to Kelly’s guild sew in day and meeting.

Stay tuned for a new ornament runner. I won second place for the Christmas in July event!

Check out Kelly’s awesome work.

Check out Love Notions Patterns, the wonderful Laundry Day Tee is free when you join the Facebook group.

I used this pattern for my me made undies.

I made a new blouse for my family reunion. I used stretch chiffon found at Joanns and McCall’s pattern M6605.

I need to adjust the armholes and add the ties to the back but otherwise I love it.

*note: we have lovely rest stops in Ohio, but they lack in proper photography lighting 😀

Hubs took a moment away from picture snapping to pose with me.

My brother, sister, mom and I.

My kids……

and the grandkids.

This lovely young lady is the proud new owner of my most recent Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt.

I didn’t talk a lot about the reunion but we had an awesome day with my loved ones.

I’ve adopted a Paleo diet to cure what ails me. So far, it’s working!

WW #32

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Pink Rose Garden is complete and in rotation!


The roses in this label are from Urban Threads.



These are the Christmas gift bags hubs and I put together.


My squares for the princess theme at Love Quilts USA.


Blond and Brunette Cameos

Sarah’s baby quilt!


Mrs. Claus’ stocking.


My recent haircut for Wigs for Kids.


Scrappy log cabins using 1 inch strips.



One of my new tops.



Happy birthday to me!

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Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated by spending the day in my quilt cave. Larry made me a spice cake with cream cheese frosting. He’s awesome like that.


I caught up on a lot of old projects and a few clothing repairs. I fixed the sleeves on my dress, figured out how to switch my serger to a cover stitch so I could shorten sleeves on hub’s t shirt, and finished a 3 year old table topper.


Oh, and I made some cord keepers for my charging cords to keep in my new purse. I made the purse on Saturday. My old one was falling to pieces.



Last week, I finished a couple of quilts for my family reunion raffle.

This one is Playing with Nine Patches, front and back.



This one is several years old. It was a puzzle piece quilt made on a day when I just wanted to run a line of stitching through 2 squares of fabric. I love how it turned out. I guess Fuzzy did, too. He wouldn’t move so I assumed he wanted a picture taken.




I did receive a very special gift from my sister. I sobbed like a fool when I opened it. I smile each time I see it. It deserves its own post, and I will podcast about it in the coming week. Maybe by then I can manage to get a good picture taken of it!

Until then…


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In this episode, I talk about my work transition, Colleen’s hanky, my latest quilting projects, and doggie haircuts.
Colleen heard my podcast and sent me some photos to share. Thanks Colleen!


This is the western style quilt I finished.

It really is brighter in person.

This quilt was made from some flannels shirts belonging to the father of a special young lady who will be spending Christmas without her daddy for the first time this year.

I signed the quilt with my quilting as I wanted it to get to her before the Christmas holiday.

Mission of Love is the charity I talked about in this episode. They also have a Facebook page with lots of pictures.
Need a giggle? This lady will deliver a few, along with some helpful advice when sewing a curvy garment. She’s my new girl crush 🙂 She has several social accounts you can follow.
Lastly, the dogs…no pictures. No one was hurt but it’s just too horrific and I fear they may not forgive me if I post their awful haircuts. I did manage to add Mojo and Fuzzy to my casualties list, though Fuzzy is only partially done. Larry will have to hold them down so that I may “finish them off”. Oh, his tail hair, I can’t look without nervously giggling. I might just have to add “dog groomer” to the list of things I tried and failed. Good thing hair grows back!