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WW #24 Quilty Poetry

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The past few days, I’ve finished quilting my “Playing with 9 Patches” quilt, readying a charity quilt for longarming, and putting more things away in my sewing space.
This is the light fixture I picked up as a happy birthday to me present.

Creative mess aside, this is the view of my sewing table, with cabinets and thread racks hung on the wall.
Once the quilts are bound, I’ll post pictures of them.
Heres a picture of my workmate’s poetry. I think he kept it!

File Jun 27, 9 42 09 AM


~The following limericks are about a few of my favorite podcasters. If you haven’t already, give them a listen!~

There once was a quilter named Daisy
Who told everyone she was lazy.
I know that she’s not
I’ve seen what she’s got
Her complete Quilty works are just crazy.
There once was a quilter named Pam
Who often said quilting’s her jam.
She casted out pods
With commenter nods
When not hanging out with her fam.
There once was a quilter named Sandy
Whose hand dyeds are really quite dandy
She has lots of threads
In purples and reds
All part of her quilter eye candy.
Tanesha, a quilter she is
All kinds of books are her biz
When she not knitting
I know she not sitting
She’s gardening like a whiz.
There once was a quilter named Charlotte
A kiwi and quilting starlet
In the Islands of Bay
They sail away
As the sun sets into scarlet.
(Sorry, I know it’s Bay of Islands, but you know, poetry and all)
There once was a quilter named Frances
Who podded among lots of branches
I imagine the flowers
And can listen for hours
Her melodious voice entrances.

WW #13 Finding Myself

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In this episode, I talk about looking for the podcast, current projects, exciting news in light bulbs, a special delivery and a pupdate.


I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate) and you were surrounded by loved ones! This was taken at the rock’s Christmas party.



(I made Mrs. Claus’s dress)

Just one more holiday and 2015 will be here. I wasn’t able to see my family in Indiana but hope to next year. However, Colleen and Jesse did manage to come for the afternoon and brought pictures! They purchased rights to share them and so here is the picture of Colleen and her hanky <3




I love her so much! They gave us a framed collection of photos for Christmas and I haven’t decided where it will hang yet but I want to look at it every day.

Here we are, the hubs and I, in our matching best.



I finally finished a quilt that’s been on and off my frame more times than I can count. I talked about it last episode and here it is.

image3-e1419685555905      image4-e1419685584540



These are the exciting bulbs I talked about!



The left one is the old school bulb, the right is the modern and new led bulb! A search for BA15D will yield results. Remember, 110 volt for the USA and 220 volt for most of the rest of the world (why do we have to be difficult?)

Here is a side by side comparison, unaltered and taken immediately after changing the bulb.




It works in my Featherweight, but not in the 301. Tutorial to come for the modification needed to make it work!