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WW #46

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It’s Memorial Day weekend and my thoughts are with those who sacrificed for my freedom. Thank you seems so little in return, but I am grateful.

Here’s what I’ve been sewing; hundreds of hexy flowers!  These piles have taken years to form. I do them when I’m in the mood to hand sew and I have so many hexes cut already. I think they multiply when I close the box they live in!

I started a top with a light green path but feared it will take much longer than I want to make it king sized.  Why not forgo the path and just stitch them together?!

Hubs turned 60 yesterday. This was taken last week at the antiques joint. He was amused by this art/grill. If he hadn’t already purchased a new grill recently…

This pattern is called Sango Contemporary 6504. If only I needed a new set of dishes. Instead, I’ll use this as inspiration for future quilting patterns.

This came home with me. These toy irons came with trivets, though mine doesn’t.

Here the little baby meets its new momma. She has been a trusty door stop since we found her.  These irons are small but heavy.

I finished this case makeover last week but talked about it in today’s episode.

Feel free to download the cheat sheet I created for the lid of my case. It’s created from my original manual and the most used information for my needs.

May you all be blessed and happy this holiday!

Flower Power Finish

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Hey yall! No podcast this week, but I am shooting for next week.
I did, however, finish this behemoth. “Flower Power” is a done deal!


It’s about 100 inches square, not quite big enough for my bed and a bit much for cuddling on the couch. Still, I think it will remain in the living room for awhile. The very bright colors make me think happy thoughts. With winter looming, I need a pick-me-up.
I did feathery circles on the flowers with a meander in the pathways.

It took me a few flowers to really get the feel for it. That seems to be the way it goes for me. I always think I know how I want it done then actually quilting it, I seem to change my mind. I do practice on my Tablet with a program that lets you draw on your picture. It gives me a good idea of what may or may not work for what I have in mind.

The wonderful people who belong to another Facebook group I enjoy gave me lots of encouragement throughout the day.

Once the quilting was finished, I gladly sat down to trim the edges but Sissy thought the quilt was so irresistible that she had to wrap up in it.

Once I did a pug-ectomy, the binding was added.

I opted for a simple, hand written label for no other reasons than I ran out of time, didn’t want to wait to finish it, and, well, I’m lazy today. I didn’t plan for the single, long stemmed rose to be left in the corner. I ran out of the main fabric and threw this other rose fabric in, thinking if it looks odd, I’d cover it with another label. Once I saw it, it was kismet 😀
I also hit my favorite Big J (Joann’s) and picked up a few patterns since they were on sale.

I am excited about doing some clothing sewing for myself! Lots of Pinterest and web surfing is feeding the fire. I also have been looking on Instagram for inspiring plus sized ladies and there are a few I found to follow. More to come in the near future.
This week is going to be a long work weekend for me. Four days, then Monday I plan on helping my friend, Sue, round up some more things for Mission of Love. Hopefully, I’ll be podding on Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!