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Sue Spargo’s Open House and Last Minute Quiltcon Prep

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At the end off January, I was lucky enough to live very close to Sue Spargo’s Open House!

Sue was a very busy lady but took time to sign my purchased book and take a photo with me.  She was as wonderfully delightful as her designs and products!

These were the first displays I saw when I walked into the building.

Her sense of color and style is so captivating. I found myself looking at every detail and coming back to different pieces to look again.

I must admit, I’ve become obsessed with circles because of her designs.

She had a great selection of not just threads, but wools and other interesting textures to add to embroidery.

I was drawn to the piece on the left with the houses and cars but couldn’t stop looking at the circles on the right!

As I browsed through the fabrics, I enjoyed the chatter and activity around me. Sue’s daughters were working at the event and graciously gave me permission to take these photos.

This wonderful piece was laying on one of the cutting tables, and while I’m pretty sure they didn’t mind anyone touching it, I resisted. Many years of quilt etiquette, I suppose. It was hard to resist all the different textures and stitches here!

These delightful ladies rang up my goodies and allowed me to capture their beautiful image. I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with them and the ladies in the checkout line.

I walked away with a bundle of gorgeous fabric, a Sue Spargo book of embroidery stitches and some thread. A free calendar was my reward for stopping by!

I wasn’t sure exactly how I’d be using my purchases until a week or so later. Circles were all I could think about and as Daisy and I were chatting about a small round robin we will be starting at Quiltcon, inspiration hit.  I hadn’t begun my center yet and needed to hurry!

This is what I came up with. I call it “Clothespin O’Clock”.

I grew up in a very crafty family and Pack’o Fun was a magazine often seen on my grandmother’s end table. In her dining room hung a gold clock made from big empty thread spools, narrow ends pointing to the center and arranged in a circle. The center had a clock movement and the hands pointed towards the fat ends of the thread spools where a single wooden clothespin per spool held the clock numbers (I think they were gold plastic and glued to the ends of the pins. The whole thing was spray painted gold and admittedly gawdy, even in our crafty, pack’o fun family!

I’m not sure where it went but I have a copy of it in my memory. As circles danced through my head, that clock was the main thing I saw. As I stitched my circles down during evening TV time with the hubs, I told him about that gawdy clock. We laughed and threw jokes back and forth when I asked him, “What time is it?” as I finished the last circle. He replied, “It’s Clothespin O’Clock!”

Yes. Yes it is.

Quiltcon time is nearly here and I’m a nervous but excited wreck!

After looking high and low for the perfect travel bag, I made this one.

The nine patches are made from 1 inch strips, finishing at 1/2 inch. I even placed a wide section to keep it in place with my luggage as I wander through airports!

Nothing fancy inside, but it is pretty roomy. My 26 pound pug fits with room to spare!

Wish me luck with my first flight and I promise to podcast very soon 🙂

Grab me and say hi if you see me in Savannah!!

#37 Rubber Chicken Juggler

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A few weeks ago, I mentioned sharing the matching wallet I made for my new purse.


I’ve used it for a few weeks now and I’m quite pleased with it.


I think it may be a bit big for everyday use, but my new phone fits in it well. If I need to, I can grab all my essentials in this one wallet.


I have had many request to make one for someone, but have politely declined!


Lose It! is the app and website helping me reach my weight loss goals.

Quilters and Sewists is the LoseIt! group I created to find and friend more quilter users. Please feel free to add me as a friend so that we can support each other!

The Good, the Bad and the Gorgeous

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First for the bad. Yesterday morning, as I was letting the puppies out in the back yard for potty breaks, I heard sirens. They sounded close but I really thought they were down the road and around the corner out of sight. I couldn’t see across the street where they were. I do remember chills down my spine and a very uneasy feeling. As the puppies came in, my thoughts turned to other things.

Later in the early afternoon, hubs came into the cave and asked if I knew what our neighbor’s daughter was talking about on Facebook. It seems her mother had passed away.


I love this picture of Brenda. It almost captures her beauty, her sense of humor and her friendly and radiant style. She was just a little over a year older than me and we shared a love of sitting around a bonfire, drinking wine and laughing. She was one of the first friends we made in our neighborhood. I still can’t believe she’s gone.

She had knee surgery last Wednesday and her family says she hadn’t felt well the past few days. An autopsy is pending because they aren’t sure why she died. I’m just speechless.

Now, the good stuff.

vintage quilt

“Keeping the Faith” finished!

vintage back

vintage label

vintage close up

Its prettier than I thought it would be. I think I have to keep it!

OK folks, this is what happens when you lose weight and your under wired bra doesn’t fit anymore. And you go bowling.

bowling bruise

At first, I didn’t know how this happened. It was much worse than this photo shows. But then, the next day at work, I figured it out when my already sore arm got poked some more. Good thing I kept my “skinny to fat” clothes. I have a size for each stage but this time I’ll be getting rid of the clothes as I shrink. Great incentive to work at maintaining loss!

bunny trio

Because the hubs had let the grass get long, we found these. There were 5 but only 3 made it to this picture. Sadly, Baby found them a few days ago and shook one before my son knew what had happened.  We thought it would be ok, but hubs removed it from the nest this morning. The final 2 are snuggling to each other with opened eyes and ears almost fully erect. I’m sure they’ll leave the nest this week. I read they leave around 3 weeks which is very surprising to me. They are about the size of a fat chipmunk right now! I may regret them once the garden is in but I need to fence it in anyway.

last night, we went out to celebrate our 11th anniversary. (May 1st)

11 years

We had a great time with my work mates, Steve and Becky…

becky n steve

Daughter and son in law Colleen and Jesse…

Larry Colleen Jesse

And our bestie neighbors Cheri and Butch!

Cheri Butch Becky

I broke my diet for the night and enjoyed a degree of enebriation.

The answer to the question I asked was 2 pounds. What was my question? How much weight can one person gain in just one bad night of eating. Haha!

Finally, the gorgeous

noir rose bag

I made myself a new bag. I used my favorite pattern but made it wider.  I also made a matching wallet but you’ll have to wait to see it!

 I’ve been saving this fabric for some special project. I almost bypassed it, saving it again in a stash where I don’t get to see it much and enjoy it. Especially with what happened to my friend Brenda this week, I am reminded that today is a special occasion. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Every day should be cherished. Even at work 😉

Happy birthday to me!

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Yesterday was my birthday and I celebrated by spending the day in my quilt cave. Larry made me a spice cake with cream cheese frosting. He’s awesome like that.


I caught up on a lot of old projects and a few clothing repairs. I fixed the sleeves on my dress, figured out how to switch my serger to a cover stitch so I could shorten sleeves on hub’s t shirt, and finished a 3 year old table topper.


Oh, and I made some cord keepers for my charging cords to keep in my new purse. I made the purse on Saturday. My old one was falling to pieces.



Last week, I finished a couple of quilts for my family reunion raffle.

This one is Playing with Nine Patches, front and back.



This one is several years old. It was a puzzle piece quilt made on a day when I just wanted to run a line of stitching through 2 squares of fabric. I love how it turned out. I guess Fuzzy did, too. He wouldn’t move so I assumed he wanted a picture taken.




I did receive a very special gift from my sister. I sobbed like a fool when I opened it. I smile each time I see it. It deserves its own post, and I will podcast about it in the coming week. Maybe by then I can manage to get a good picture taken of it!

Until then…

WW# 10 Plus Talk

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In this episode, I talk about purses, plus size sewing, a baby quilt and job update.

This is the purse pattern I’ve been using lately. The little blue bag is the pattern I used for the wedding bag I made a few weeks ago. The rose on black bag is the larger of the 2, and the one I used for the bag I revamped this week.


I didn’t take before shots, but this is the after. The difference is the vinyl bottom, corners and handles.

20141029_105003_wm I love that it’s almost like new, but in future bags, I will add the corner pieces a bit differently. This works great as an upgrade/ repair.


QuirkyPrettyCute is the site I found this week that gave me the inspiration and encouragement to start planning my new clothing. She is also a contributor to The Curvy Sewing Collective. These sites are rich with information, instruction, and links to other helpful sites. I will podcast and post on this topic as I go along.

This is the Martha Washington sewing cabinet in my living room. It holds a lot of cross stitching supplies and a few thread crochet projects in the sides. I believe there are vintage White sewing machines that come in a larger version of this cabinet. I’ve not seen them first hand, but have seen pictures of them.

I will post pictures of the one to be painted as I get it started. Right now it’s in cob webs and dust in the corner of my garage. I’ve had my fill of spiders for the week ::ack::


Ok, this is a bit blurry but you get a general idea. I snapped a quick picture on my phone before I posted this episode. Baby G should be arriving soon and I hope she will spend many hours under or on top of this soft, snuggly flannel.

20141029_111617_wm This is “Paper Doll Sampler” by Daisy Kingdom’s Patty Reed. It’s a reprint of her designs and I have a serious love affair with this collection. The little girl reminds me of my granddaughter, Autumn. She looked a lot like this little girl when she was 3. This fabric will be the backing for Baby G’s quilt. The colors are perfect!

Here is a shot of wasp #3 from yesterday. Once the finances are back to normal, I think I need to hire an exterminator. Seriously, it’s past ridiculous.