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Flower Power Finish

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Hey yall! No podcast this week, but I am shooting for next week.
I did, however, finish this behemoth. “Flower Power” is a done deal!


It’s about 100 inches square, not quite big enough for my bed and a bit much for cuddling on the couch. Still, I think it will remain in the living room for awhile. The very bright colors make me think happy thoughts. With winter looming, I need a pick-me-up.
I did feathery circles on the flowers with a meander in the pathways.

It took me a few flowers to really get the feel for it. That seems to be the way it goes for me. I always think I know how I want it done then actually quilting it, I seem to change my mind. I do practice on my Tablet with a program that lets you draw on your picture. It gives me a good idea of what may or may not work for what I have in mind.

The wonderful people who belong to another Facebook group I enjoy gave me lots of encouragement throughout the day.

Once the quilting was finished, I gladly sat down to trim the edges but Sissy thought the quilt was so irresistible that she had to wrap up in it.

Once I did a pug-ectomy, the binding was added.

I opted for a simple, hand written label for no other reasons than I ran out of time, didn’t want to wait to finish it, and, well, I’m lazy today. I didn’t plan for the single, long stemmed rose to be left in the corner. I ran out of the main fabric and threw this other rose fabric in, thinking if it looks odd, I’d cover it with another label. Once I saw it, it was kismet 😀
I also hit my favorite Big J (Joann’s) and picked up a few patterns since they were on sale.

I am excited about doing some clothing sewing for myself! Lots of Pinterest and web surfing is feeding the fire. I also have been looking on Instagram for inspiring plus sized ladies and there are a few I found to follow. More to come in the near future.
This week is going to be a long work weekend for me. Four days, then Monday I plan on helping my friend, Sue, round up some more things for Mission of Love. Hopefully, I’ll be podding on Tuesday. Have a wonderful weekend, friends!