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#43 New York City!

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**Warning** Picture heavy post!

Bonnie Hunter’s mystery is in full swing and I’m all caught up on the first day of clue #2.

I pulled out my favorite Featherweight and plugged away while watching TV last night. She needs a makeover but she stitches like no other machine I own. Not bad for a girl born in 1933!

So far the clues are easy and fun. Week #1 helped me use many neutral 2 inch squares I already had cut and ready to sew!


I love the Prisma app. I was feeling particularly artsy the morning we left NYC for home.


When we arrived, we saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree being prepped for the following week.  The policeman standing guard was a blast to talk with! I used my best Long Island accent in jest and he laughed when he realized what I was doing. Of course, I sounded completely normal to him.


St. Patrick’s cathedral was stunning. I stood and stared at it for quite awhile before going in.


They were having a special ceremony with several priests while I was there. I’m not catholic, so I’ll not guess, but was told it was quite a special event.


This was my view the first night there. Times Square is so bright and big! We had pizza at John’s before seeing The Lion King on Broadway. We were told we picked the tickets up just minutes after the Vice President Elect and later learned he saw Hamilton and well…. no politics!


The weather was perfect on the second day for tourist activities.

The 911 Memorial is both beautiful and moving.


There is no way to describe to you how overwhelming this is to see.


This is a monument to the firefighters who lost their lives. The space is filled with tributes and artifacts that deserve more time spent than I had.  I didn’t want to be an emotional mess all day so I tried to take lots of pictures to pour over later. These are just a select few.


Of course, I had to share this with you all. I think I squealed a little when I saw quilty things on this trip!

These quilts were moving and beautiful. It’s hard to not be moved by everything in this exhibit.




The next thing we did was travel to the Statue of Liberty.


Walking in the pedestal base, you see this!


We were unable to go into the crown, but could see the staircase going up into her.


The pedestal is way more narrow than you’d think. You can just pass another person unless you are in the corners. This was my view looking up.


This is the building where John Lennon was murdered. I was also surprised to learn the Dakota building was built for the head of The Singer Sewing Machine Company in the 1880s.


We had a short stroll through Strawberry Fields. Follow this link to watch a short clip.

The last picture is the site of protests before we arrived just a few days earlier. No one was protesting this Sunday morning but you can see security is on the job.


Visit this link to watch a small portion of breakfast at Ellen’s Stardust Diner.

The Good, the Bad and the Gorgeous

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First for the bad. Yesterday morning, as I was letting the puppies out in the back yard for potty breaks, I heard sirens. They sounded close but I really thought they were down the road and around the corner out of sight. I couldn’t see across the street where they were. I do remember chills down my spine and a very uneasy feeling. As the puppies came in, my thoughts turned to other things.

Later in the early afternoon, hubs came into the cave and asked if I knew what our neighbor’s daughter was talking about on Facebook. It seems her mother had passed away.


I love this picture of Brenda. It almost captures her beauty, her sense of humor and her friendly and radiant style. She was just a little over a year older than me and we shared a love of sitting around a bonfire, drinking wine and laughing. She was one of the first friends we made in our neighborhood. I still can’t believe she’s gone.

She had knee surgery last Wednesday and her family says she hadn’t felt well the past few days. An autopsy is pending because they aren’t sure why she died. I’m just speechless.

Now, the good stuff.

vintage quilt

“Keeping the Faith” finished!

vintage back

vintage label

vintage close up

Its prettier than I thought it would be. I think I have to keep it!

OK folks, this is what happens when you lose weight and your under wired bra doesn’t fit anymore. And you go bowling.

bowling bruise

At first, I didn’t know how this happened. It was much worse than this photo shows. But then, the next day at work, I figured it out when my already sore arm got poked some more. Good thing I kept my “skinny to fat” clothes. I have a size for each stage but this time I’ll be getting rid of the clothes as I shrink. Great incentive to work at maintaining loss!

bunny trio

Because the hubs had let the grass get long, we found these. There were 5 but only 3 made it to this picture. Sadly, Baby found them a few days ago and shook one before my son knew what had happened.  We thought it would be ok, but hubs removed it from the nest this morning. The final 2 are snuggling to each other with opened eyes and ears almost fully erect. I’m sure they’ll leave the nest this week. I read they leave around 3 weeks which is very surprising to me. They are about the size of a fat chipmunk right now! I may regret them once the garden is in but I need to fence it in anyway.

last night, we went out to celebrate our 11th anniversary. (May 1st)

11 years

We had a great time with my work mates, Steve and Becky…

becky n steve

Daughter and son in law Colleen and Jesse…

Larry Colleen Jesse

And our bestie neighbors Cheri and Butch!

Cheri Butch Becky

I broke my diet for the night and enjoyed a degree of enebriation.

The answer to the question I asked was 2 pounds. What was my question? How much weight can one person gain in just one bad night of eating. Haha!

Finally, the gorgeous

noir rose bag

I made myself a new bag. I used my favorite pattern but made it wider.  I also made a matching wallet but you’ll have to wait to see it!

 I’ve been saving this fabric for some special project. I almost bypassed it, saving it again in a stash where I don’t get to see it much and enjoy it. Especially with what happened to my friend Brenda this week, I am reminded that today is a special occasion. Tomorrow isn’t promised. Every day should be cherished. Even at work 😉

WW #30

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Hi! Lots of things happened in the past month. Here are a few highlights.

I use Podkicker Pro to download and listen to podcasts.

The pink disappearing four patch.


The pink and blue Jacob’s ladder.


Freshly painted Martha Washington sewing cabinet. I still want to do a bit of decorative painting on it. My kitchen is now the same color gray.


Here’s my new feed dog cover for featherweight machines. I got it here.

image image

Happy birthday, baby boy!


Enjoying a beer with my son.


Chris, Jeff, and Larry.


Cheri and Butch, the best neighbors in the universe.


Where the magic happens at Slippery Rock.


Mojo and Baby enjoying their fall salad.


Beautiful day in the neighborhood.


WW #29 Quilting for Hire

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I was on vacation last week, but didn’t get half of my “to do” list completed.

This is the Angry Birds quilt I finished for Love Quilts. There’s no child for it yet, but I don’t think that will take long.


My aunt’s quilt is complete.


The back was pieced from my scraps too.


The puppies got a hair cut but it took several days o complete them.IMG_20150904_130327

Hubs finally got new burn barrels. This one looks like it has an angry face.image

Here’s the link for faces that I referenced.

I got sucked into the garage cleaning vortex.

This is the Singer 101 that I just don’t have time to rewire.

One of several Singer 99s I own. This one needs a new home.

A cute little Kenmore with a crappy cabinet. Stability was not part of this cabinet design but the machine makes a great stitch!

Several empty cabinets that I just don’t need/ have time to repair/ have room to keep. That’s Baby keeping an eye out. Several offers were made for her and my final, lowest price is 64 gazillion dollars.FB_IMG_1441816187642

This is my neighbor’s mom’s old Kenmore. There are lots of issues with it. Wiring is just the beginning. After talking with her, we decided it needs to go away. Someone is supposed to be picking it up on Wednesday.


My blocks for our Twilter’s hashtag swap.FB_IMG_1441930796990

I finally started painting this Martha Washington sewing cabinet. It’s not finished yet, but is being painted a lovely shade of gray.


The Twilters! Facebook group is now set to secret but you can still join us. Just send me a message asking to join and I’ll send you an invitation!

WW #23 Let’s play catch up!

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I have been doing some sewing and such in between visitors the past few weeks. My mom and her husband came for the weekend after mother’s day.

end of visit

I asked her to pose right before she left because pictures or it didn’t happen. We had a great time and she promised she’d come back soon.

This is the memory quilt made for Bailey’s mother.

baileys quilt

It was a bit of an ordeal, but the quilt turned out beautifully and I learned a few things along the way. Thank you, Spoonflower, the photos always look great! I will be working on a tutorial for how I format and edit pictures to send along to Spoonflower for printing.

The secret project has been delivered so I can share some pictures with you all. Stephanie and her family lost one of their darling little girls last month.  Jordan will be deeply missed. In effort to console our dear friend, Twilters banded together to create a heart quilt for Stephanie.

stephanies quilt

I used a picture from her twitter feed to create the label. I used my Husqvarna Viking and digitizing software to create it. The picture here isn’t the actual label but a generated photo. The actual label is nicer. I think Stephanie was pleased 🙂


At this time, I haven’t taken a picture of my blue blocks yet. Quite frankly, I’m too tired to run down stairs to do it at this moment. Editing is a wonderful thing and I’ll add it later.

Hubs and I had our annual eye exam. Normally, we get our eyes dilated every other year so that one of us can drive comfortably home. There was a mix up and we both ended up with demon eyes.

bright eyes

I take birthday photos of my Grands every year for their birthdays. This year the backdrop was my back yard. Here are my favorites.



Here’s a shot of my Bradynator.


The babes are safely at home now, and while I miss them, I am savoring the quiet today. I had forgotten what it’s like to have small kids around for more than a day!

This is the newer-ish Singer my neighbor gave me.

singer 247

There will be pictures of the other machine that she would like to keep later on. I might even do another youtube video. Older Kenmores aren’t as familiar to me but that won’t stop me from training to be the VSM whisperer.

Along with several other things, this cedar chest was acquired by my hubs for just $15.

cedar chest

I am in love (twice) !

Fun was found as the sky fell at work. Poor Heather hid under her desk.

poor heatherFB_IMG_1432734836304

That’s my best chicken little pose. I almost look as though I’m yelling “Ricolllaaaaaa”.

Twister (twitter sister) Carole came for a visit bearing gifts for me and the pups. She instantly won the dogs over with raw hide treats in miniature. I needed no winner over, but she did it anyway.

carole gifts

I am still thinking of what treasure I will create with these gifts.

Carole is even more of a sweetheart in person and I can’t wait to spend more time with her. I haven’t been to Chicago in decades and now I have the perfect excuse to go.

I managed to finished my cross stitch for a Love Quilts project coming up.


Spidey will live on a quilt amongst other super heroes, for a little boy who is in need of comfort.

I received another special package in between trips and work. My dear friend, Jodie, sent me a goodie package filled with Aussie delights. Now I finally have a moment to enjoy and appreciate them. Thank you Jodie, you’re so awesome!

aussie gifts

Finally, the meme I made for my little sister.


She’s little, but mighty, and I am totally scared of her. Haha!