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#43 New York City!

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**Warning** Picture heavy post!

Bonnie Hunter’s mystery is in full swing and I’m all caught up on the first day of clue #2.

I pulled out my favorite Featherweight and plugged away while watching TV last night. She needs a makeover but she stitches like no other machine I own. Not bad for a girl born in 1933!

So far the clues are easy and fun. Week #1 helped me use many neutral 2 inch squares I already had cut and ready to sew!


I love the Prisma app. I was feeling particularly artsy the morning we left NYC for home.


When we arrived, we saw the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree being prepped for the following week.  The policeman standing guard was a blast to talk with! I used my best Long Island accent in jest and he laughed when he realized what I was doing. Of course, I sounded completely normal to him.


St. Patrick’s cathedral was stunning. I stood and stared at it for quite awhile before going in.


They were having a special ceremony with several priests while I was there. I’m not catholic, so I’ll not guess, but was told it was quite a special event.


This was my view the first night there. Times Square is so bright and big! We had pizza at John’s before seeing The Lion King on Broadway. We were told we picked the tickets up just minutes after the Vice President Elect and later learned he saw Hamilton and well…. no politics!


The weather was perfect on the second day for tourist activities.

The 911 Memorial is both beautiful and moving.


There is no way to describe to you how overwhelming this is to see.


This is a monument to the firefighters who lost their lives. The space is filled with tributes and artifacts that deserve more time spent than I had.  I didn’t want to be an emotional mess all day so I tried to take lots of pictures to pour over later. These are just a select few.


Of course, I had to share this with you all. I think I squealed a little when I saw quilty things on this trip!

These quilts were moving and beautiful. It’s hard to not be moved by everything in this exhibit.




The next thing we did was travel to the Statue of Liberty.


Walking in the pedestal base, you see this!


We were unable to go into the crown, but could see the staircase going up into her.


The pedestal is way more narrow than you’d think. You can just pass another person unless you are in the corners. This was my view looking up.


This is the building where John Lennon was murdered. I was also surprised to learn the Dakota building was built for the head of The Singer Sewing Machine Company in the 1880s.


We had a short stroll through Strawberry Fields. Follow this link to watch a short clip.

The last picture is the site of protests before we arrived just a few days earlier. No one was protesting this Sunday morning but you can see security is on the job.


Visit this link to watch a small portion of breakfast at Ellen’s Stardust Diner.

#33 Sewing Machine Cases and a Book Review

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I hit my local Harbor Freight this past week for some machine storage.


I saw people posting pictures in the vintage machine group I belong to on Facebook, using these cases for Featherweights.  Sometimes the vintage cases fall prey to damage that they can’t recover from. I have a few of these cases that I’m trying to rehab but until then, I’d like them protected.

When I got it home, I saw how roomy it looked with a Featherweight, so I decided to see if my 301 fit. It did!! I believe there’s also room for a few accessories as well.


When I posted my 301 pictures, other members asked if other Singers would fit. I had a 500 series sitting near so I tried that one.


It was a tight fit, but even so, I think you could probably fit an accessory case in there, too!

I didn’t try the 400 series, but was told the spool pin prevents the case from closing. I haven’t tried, but I think at least one of my 400 series has a removable pin.


I purchased the first pattern from Sewhooked since I missed the beginning of the quilt along. Come on people, $2 and I got this great machine pattern! Next month, I’ll be able to get the next free.

This is the 12 inch version. I love it!


And the cute little 6 incher <3


I also stitched these out for Love Quilts USA.


Christa Watson’s wonderful book, Machine Quilting With style, is available here.

She is also hosting a quilt along using one of her gorgeous modern designs from this book called “Facets”. Quilters from all experience levels will enjoy this one!

WW #30

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Hi! Lots of things happened in the past month. Here are a few highlights.

I use Podkicker Pro to download and listen to podcasts.

The pink disappearing four patch.


The pink and blue Jacob’s ladder.


Freshly painted Martha Washington sewing cabinet. I still want to do a bit of decorative painting on it. My kitchen is now the same color gray.


Here’s my new feed dog cover for featherweight machines. I got it here.

image image

Happy birthday, baby boy!


Enjoying a beer with my son.


Chris, Jeff, and Larry.


Cheri and Butch, the best neighbors in the universe.


Where the magic happens at Slippery Rock.


Mojo and Baby enjoying their fall salad.


Beautiful day in the neighborhood.


WW #13 Finding Myself

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In this episode, I talk about looking for the podcast, current projects, exciting news in light bulbs, a special delivery and a pupdate.


I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate) and you were surrounded by loved ones! This was taken at the rock’s Christmas party.



(I made Mrs. Claus’s dress)

Just one more holiday and 2015 will be here. I wasn’t able to see my family in Indiana but hope to next year. However, Colleen and Jesse did manage to come for the afternoon and brought pictures! They purchased rights to share them and so here is the picture of Colleen and her hanky <3




I love her so much! They gave us a framed collection of photos for Christmas and I haven’t decided where it will hang yet but I want to look at it every day.

Here we are, the hubs and I, in our matching best.



I finally finished a quilt that’s been on and off my frame more times than I can count. I talked about it last episode and here it is.

image3-e1419685555905      image4-e1419685584540



These are the exciting bulbs I talked about!



The left one is the old school bulb, the right is the modern and new led bulb! A search for BA15D will yield results. Remember, 110 volt for the USA and 220 volt for most of the rest of the world (why do we have to be difficult?)

Here is a side by side comparison, unaltered and taken immediately after changing the bulb.




It works in my Featherweight, but not in the 301. Tutorial to come for the modification needed to make it work!


WW #5 Spine chat

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In this brief episode, I discuss waiting for test results, what I’m working on and what’s to come.

Here’s a snippet of the quilt I’ve pieced for the past couple of weeks. It’s ready top be quilted and I can’t wait to give it to the best neighbors anyone could ask for!

This is the picture of scroll faces from featherweights I talked about.


Lastly, the vintage top. What do you think? Too busy? Quilt as is?

Should I take it apart and piece it properly? I do like order and can accept some imperfection, but this…oy.



I do have other vintage fabrics I could add. Please do tell me your thoughts!