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Dog Grooming

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A few weeks ago, I broke down and bought a dog grooming table. What a difference it made!  It cut my time in half and was so much easier than getting Larry to help me hold them down. Fuzzy bit me only twice ( not hard) and was the least enchanted with the whole ordeal.

I ordered a simple, foldable table with an adjustable arm from Amazon. I also picked up a neck and haunch harness to keep Baby from sitting down.



You can see what hairy little beasts they were! I bathed and dried them before the fun began.

It took around 3 1/2 hours to do all 3 yorkies and now I don’t think I’ll put it off so long.


I always think I need to learn to spin their fur into a silky soft yarn. After all, it did feel like sheering sheep!


Mojo and Fuzzy made up to Mikey later that same day.  I thin all 3 of these cuties are totes adorbs!


WW #29 Quilting for Hire

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I was on vacation last week, but didn’t get half of my “to do” list completed.

This is the Angry Birds quilt I finished for Love Quilts. There’s no child for it yet, but I don’t think that will take long.


My aunt’s quilt is complete.


The back was pieced from my scraps too.


The puppies got a hair cut but it took several days o complete them.IMG_20150904_130327

Hubs finally got new burn barrels. This one looks like it has an angry face.image

Here’s the link for faces that I referenced.

I got sucked into the garage cleaning vortex.

This is the Singer 101 that I just don’t have time to rewire.

One of several Singer 99s I own. This one needs a new home.

A cute little Kenmore with a crappy cabinet. Stability was not part of this cabinet design but the machine makes a great stitch!

Several empty cabinets that I just don’t need/ have time to repair/ have room to keep. That’s Baby keeping an eye out. Several offers were made for her and my final, lowest price is 64 gazillion dollars.FB_IMG_1441816187642

This is my neighbor’s mom’s old Kenmore. There are lots of issues with it. Wiring is just the beginning. After talking with her, we decided it needs to go away. Someone is supposed to be picking it up on Wednesday.


My blocks for our Twilter’s hashtag swap.FB_IMG_1441930796990

I finally started painting this Martha Washington sewing cabinet. It’s not finished yet, but is being painted a lovely shade of gray.


The Twilters! Facebook group is now set to secret but you can still join us. Just send me a message asking to join and I’ll send you an invitation!


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In this episode, I talk about my work transition, Colleen’s hanky, my latest quilting projects, and doggie haircuts.
Colleen heard my podcast and sent me some photos to share. Thanks Colleen!


This is the western style quilt I finished.

It really is brighter in person.

This quilt was made from some flannels shirts belonging to the father of a special young lady who will be spending Christmas without her daddy for the first time this year.

I signed the quilt with my quilting as I wanted it to get to her before the Christmas holiday.

Mission of Love is the charity I talked about in this episode. They also have a Facebook page with lots of pictures.
Need a giggle? This lady will deliver a few, along with some helpful advice when sewing a curvy garment. She’s my new girl crush 🙂 She has several social accounts you can follow.
Lastly, the dogs…no pictures. No one was hurt but it’s just too horrific and I fear they may not forgive me if I post their awful haircuts. I did manage to add Mojo and Fuzzy to my casualties list, though Fuzzy is only partially done. Larry will have to hold them down so that I may “finish them off”. Oh, his tail hair, I can’t look without nervously giggling. I might just have to add “dog groomer” to the list of things I tried and failed. Good thing hair grows back!