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WW #26 Doodling

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My mom’s quilt. I hope she loves it as much as I do.


I had a great time designing the quilting as I went along.20150727_192226

Jamie Wallen has great videos on Youtube. I used some of his advice for the border in my mom’s quilt.

Pumpkin Patch Quilter does amazing quilting.  Valerie Smith, also designs pantographs and has an etsy shop.

This is Parker’s quilt. His is a super heroes/ words theme.


This is Landen’s quilt. His is a super heroes theme.


Both boys are children featured on Love Quilts USA.

This is what my workspace looks like at the moment.


My round robin top. I’m working on adding a border to it before it goes on the frame.


I’ve got some quilting to do. Toodles!

Happy Father’s Day

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I had intended to podcast this weekend but got so busy that it just didn’t happen. I did accomplish quite a bit!

Charlotte opened up her pattern shop this past week and was kind enough to give a few away. I love her scrappy patterns and this one would be quick but beautiful, perfect for my family reunion giveaway quilt.


I already had my 3 inch squares cut as this is one size I cut often from scraps. Lots of mindless Netflix sewing! It helps to not pay attention to get the best scrappy look. I tend to want to control the scrap but I’m always so surprised and pleased when I just let it happen.


This is how my week looks as it ends. The quilt is half quilted and I’ll be finishing up next weekend. The backing is made of 4 patches of 5 inch squares that I’d made several years back. I’d had a project in mind but decided on a different direction and knew there would be a use for these some day.

I’m happy to say that my 3 inch bin is low and the stack of 4 patches is shrinking. I may have to use these as a backing again. So pretty!

I also worked on my mom’s stars. I did a few more just before I decided to start the reunion quilt. So far, I have only 6 done, but I may only make 6 more. I think she’d use a couch cuddler when it gets cold again.


I began the week straightening my sewing room.  When Carole was here, I destroyed the room looking for my Dear Jane quilt to show her. I didn’t find it while she was here, but quickly noticed where I’d put it when I started to put things away. The whole ordeal makes me think I need a better system for floppy storage (if I’m not going to quilt them right alway).

I’m almost through with the reorganization and promise to show you when I’m finally finished. Until then, I thought I’d share this handy little trick I thought of while trying to hang thread racks on the wall.  I’ve struggled with this for years, stringing across the backside legs and hanging them from hooks that way. Then it occurred to me as I was looking at a pile of binder clips. AHA!


They fit perfectly between the rods.  Flip the front end down and loop the remaining end over your fastener of choice. I use Hercules hooks and this method worked very well.  I did get a bit nervous about how well those two clips might hold my big thread rack, especially when full, so I removed one of the rods and used an extra clip, much larger than the other 2, for extra support. I’m sure you wouldn’t need it for a smaller rack, as long as the clips slip completely over the wooden slats (mine don’t).


Podcasting should happen next weekend. Hopefully I’ll have lots to talk about.

Happy Father’s Day to all those playing this very important role. I thought lovingly of mine all day <3

Dear Joan is a flimsy

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She’s a done deal, well, a pieced top anyway. I put the last stitch into her on Tuesday and I’ve been dancing since! Isn’t she pretty photographed against a sunlit window?
This is how the week ends…


My sewing table is still a work in progress, things are not in order but I just had to work on a new project.

I did a bit of work on a SSP (super secret project) which shall be revealed soon 😉 Round robin rows shall begin next week ahead of schedule, but I’m still working it out in my head. This year I’ve really tried to stay focused on one project at a time, but it can be so hard!
I hope everyone will enjoy their weekend. Me? I’ll be thinking about what I’ll be sewing on Monday 😀