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WW# 10 Plus Talk

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In this episode, I talk about purses, plus size sewing, a baby quilt and job update.

This is the purse pattern I’ve been using lately. The little blue bag is the pattern I used for the wedding bag I made a few weeks ago. The rose on black bag is the larger of the 2, and the one I used for the bag I revamped this week.


I didn’t take before shots, but this is the after. The difference is the vinyl bottom, corners and handles.

20141029_105003_wm I love that it’s almost like new, but in future bags, I will add the corner pieces a bit differently. This works great as an upgrade/ repair.


QuirkyPrettyCute is the site I found this week that gave me the inspiration and encouragement to start planning my new clothing. She is also a contributor to The Curvy Sewing Collective. These sites are rich with information, instruction, and links to other helpful sites. I will podcast and post on this topic as I go along.

This is the Martha Washington sewing cabinet in my living room. It holds a lot of cross stitching supplies and a few thread crochet projects in the sides. I believe there are vintage White sewing machines that come in a larger version of this cabinet. I’ve not seen them first hand, but have seen pictures of them.

I will post pictures of the one to be painted as I get it started. Right now it’s in cob webs and dust in the corner of my garage. I’ve had my fill of spiders for the week ::ack::


Ok, this is a bit blurry but you get a general idea. I snapped a quick picture on my phone before I posted this episode. Baby G should be arriving soon and I hope she will spend many hours under or on top of this soft, snuggly flannel.

20141029_111617_wm This is “Paper Doll Sampler” by Daisy Kingdom’s Patty Reed. It’s a reprint of her designs and I have a serious love affair with this collection. The little girl reminds me of my granddaughter, Autumn. She looked a lot like this little girl when she was 3. This fabric will be the backing for Baby G’s quilt. The colors are perfect!

Here is a shot of wasp #3 from yesterday. Once the finances are back to normal, I think I need to hire an exterminator. Seriously, it’s past ridiculous.