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#36 Finding My Balance

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Lately, my focus is on food. What to eat and not eat. What tastes good and not so much. Pinterest has been a help but I’ve found a few stinkers along the way.

Kale chips are delicious but if you don’t follow the recipe, you could end up with something that reminds me of munching on fall leaves fresh out of the yard (not that I would know first hand, I’m just guessing here).


If you decide to make kale chips, keep in mind they must be rubbed COMPLETELY with oil. Not drippy wet with oil, but a good coating. If you have tossed you kale with a couple of teaspoons of oil, there will be enough on your fingers to spread it around.


This batch was sprinkled with ranch dressing seasoning. Yes, there are chemicals but I didn’t care. I needed a potato chip diversion and this did the trick! I also made a sea salt and pepper version that hubs loved. I wasn’t a big fan but they were ok.

Balsamic tofu.


Oy. This was so gawd awful I couldn’t eat all of it. Now if you like very vinegary, sour foods, this is for you. I do like vinegar and sour but I couldn’t hang with this one. I followed the pinterest instructions to a T, even marinating overnight. The brussels sprouts were wonderful so there’s that. Also, my vegetarian chef step-daughter told me tofu will always be rubbery when baked unless is slathered in fats of some sort. Good info to keep in mind. I shall be making a new pinterest board, “Gawd awful recipes I’ve tried”. This one will be at the top!

Cauliflower tortillas.


Looks like scrambled eggs, right? I think this one’s my fault or I just need to make a few adjustments. I don’t think I used enough cauliflower or pressed enough liquid from them once cooked. I should’ve known when I couldn’t press them into patties for baking. They were delicious and I will make them again. My intent was to make little pizza like creations.


I ended up with something that resembled a salad. I don’t normally use cheese because I’m allergic to milk products (and have always eaten them anyway) but I needed the calories and really miss pizza. Sometimes you have to compromise to get through the tough parts! This was a tomato, avacado, spinach and feta cheese topping for my cauliflower tortillas. 500 calories of heaven for this shrinking woman!

I had the pleasure of having 2 chefs cook my dinner Thursday.

dueling chefs

My step daughter and her magnificent husband have moved back to Ohio! We are over the moon to have them so close. And one of the perks….


I loved this view. Seeing artful creation in my kitchen and knowing it’s going to be delicious!


Halibut steak with buerre blanc sauce and mushroom and asparagus risotto.

Jesse placed the sauce off to the side in case we didn’t like it. I want this sauce on everything I eat from this day forward!  This meal was to die for but sadly way over my calorie count for the day. I figured I have been strict for the past 5 weeks so one night wouldn’t undo what I’ve accomplished. I’m now down 24 pounds and steadily moving forward!

A few weeks ago, I found this fabric at Joann.


Yes, this is one fabric. I love that its a different print on each side. I don’t know what the fabric content is, so I washed it in hot water just in case it would shrink or otherwise change before I make something with it. I need a spring and fall coat and I have just the pattern for it. A long, hooded coat made to be reverseable. Just my style! More on this later…

My sister asked me to make a quilt for a raffle to help save her friend. Sher Snedeker needs a double lung transplant to save her life and our health care here in America leaves much to be desired. This quilt will be raffled off to help her cause.



Please visit her facebook page and consider helping my sister’s dear friend.

Awhile back, I talked about a quilt top that I found in a stash of stuff purchased through Craigslist. It was very poorly constructed and I asked you all if I should leave it as is or redo it. The consensus at the time was to leave it as is and honor the quilter’s efforts. Friends, I was going to, I really was. Then as I was preparing to make a back for it and load it onto my frame, I discovered things that couldn’t be ignored. There were huge spots of discoloration. I couldn’t remove them and they smelled awful when wet. So I removed them with the intention of taking enough rows off to replace the missing pieces. Ok, so hours later it was all in pieces. When I emerged from the seam ripper dust, I had all these little triangles! Yes, I took it all apart.


It still isn’t perfect but it will be useable and pretty, I think. It in the process of hand binding. More pictures when it’s finished.

Today, after I record the podcast, I need to finish up this beauty for a client.


The baby isn’t born yet but when he is, he will be sleeping with Dr. Seuss. The blocks are all cross stitched by his family and friends of the family.  The grandmother bought the blue fabric but I thought it needed a pop of Dr. Seuss color. I haven’t decided yet whether or not the binding will be black or red and white. Maybe a darker blue? I’ll post it when finished!


I designed the label using an appliqued hat. (those are water spots from my crappy, dying iron)


WW #32

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Pink Rose Garden is complete and in rotation!


The roses in this label are from Urban Threads.



These are the Christmas gift bags hubs and I put together.


My squares for the princess theme at Love Quilts USA.


Blond and Brunette Cameos

Sarah’s baby quilt!


Mrs. Claus’ stocking.


My recent haircut for Wigs for Kids.


Scrappy log cabins using 1 inch strips.



One of my new tops.



WW# 10 Plus Talk

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In this episode, I talk about purses, plus size sewing, a baby quilt and job update.

This is the purse pattern I’ve been using lately. The little blue bag is the pattern I used for the wedding bag I made a few weeks ago. The rose on black bag is the larger of the 2, and the one I used for the bag I revamped this week.


I didn’t take before shots, but this is the after. The difference is the vinyl bottom, corners and handles.

20141029_105003_wm I love that it’s almost like new, but in future bags, I will add the corner pieces a bit differently. This works great as an upgrade/ repair.


QuirkyPrettyCute is the site I found this week that gave me the inspiration and encouragement to start planning my new clothing. She is also a contributor to The Curvy Sewing Collective. These sites are rich with information, instruction, and links to other helpful sites. I will podcast and post on this topic as I go along.

This is the Martha Washington sewing cabinet in my living room. It holds a lot of cross stitching supplies and a few thread crochet projects in the sides. I believe there are vintage White sewing machines that come in a larger version of this cabinet. I’ve not seen them first hand, but have seen pictures of them.

I will post pictures of the one to be painted as I get it started. Right now it’s in cob webs and dust in the corner of my garage. I’ve had my fill of spiders for the week ::ack::


Ok, this is a bit blurry but you get a general idea. I snapped a quick picture on my phone before I posted this episode. Baby G should be arriving soon and I hope she will spend many hours under or on top of this soft, snuggly flannel.

20141029_111617_wm This is “Paper Doll Sampler” by Daisy Kingdom’s Patty Reed. It’s a reprint of her designs and I have a serious love affair with this collection. The little girl reminds me of my granddaughter, Autumn. She looked a lot like this little girl when she was 3. This fabric will be the backing for Baby G’s quilt. The colors are perfect!

Here is a shot of wasp #3 from yesterday. Once the finances are back to normal, I think I need to hire an exterminator. Seriously, it’s past ridiculous.