Sure, I can make you a quilt.

*But first, there are a few things you should know.*

You have landed on this page for one of several reasons;

  • You’re here, browsing my site because you’re interested in my projects, machines and/ or podcast.
  • You’ve searched the internet looking for someone to make you a quality quilt.
  • You’ve been sent here because you asked me to make you a quilt.

If you’re here for the first reason, then I welcome you to peruse my opinions of quilt making. Other quilt makers most likely will have a different opinion on cost, time and materials involved. Please feel free to glean whatever information you desire.

If you’re here looking for someone to make you a quality quilt, then I may be able to work with you. I have an interview process I ask each potential customer to go through, so that we are both happy with the process and the is imbued with good energy. Quilt making for others is a personal process for me and that means working closely with my clients. I want you to be happy with your quilt and I don’t want to be miserable making it. Some personalities don’t mesh well. If you have concerns about previous paragraph, then I am probably not the artist for you.

If you’re here for the last reason, please pay close attention to the following information.

Chances are you’ve seen my work and admire it. Thank you!! I am flattered that you enjoy my quilts.  I’m always honored when I’m asked to make a quilt for someone else. Quilts are expensive to make and you need to know that and accept it before we proceed any further. Most people don’t understand the costs involved, so I am making the assumption you will be surprised. I know from countless interactions I’ve had with people who don’t quilt but want a quality hand made gift. If you aren’t surprised and willing to pay a fair price for a quality, one of a kind gift, then we can move further along in the process!
Below is some information on the costs and process of quiltmaking.

For our purposes here, we will use a full sized quilt as an example. The finished measurements are about 60 X 80 inches, as this is the most common size I make.

The quilting fabric I use is top quality quilt shop fabric that will last for many years of use. Most fabrics are about $12 to $15 US dollars per YARD or more. I don’t use poor quality fabric from chains or big box stores. It is not pleasurable to work with and your quilt will not last. I only put my name on high quality work.

Most yardage is about 45 inches wide and there are 36 inches in a yard.  Part of that width is unusable and you lose several inches. The back of the quilt will take about 4 yards, but the front can take so much more depending on the design chosen. For this quilt, we will assume we’re doing a simple design of squares and we will need about 6 yards for that. We are also going to need about another 1/2 yard for the binding.

Total cost for fabric: $156

I use a quality batting made from a blend of polyester and cotton that will last for many years through daily use and frequent washing. The cost for this size quilt is about $15 but understand that batting can cost more than double or triple depending on the materials used to manufacture it.  Wool batting is wonderful but so expensive!

Also to be included in the supplies for your quilt is a good thread. I will probably use about 2 spools on an average size quilt and a good thread can cost as much as $10 a spool.

The supplies and materials for your quilt so far are nearing the $200 range.

You may not have thought about it until now, but I promise you, I have spent a lot of time thinking about and planning your quilt before I’ve taken one stitch. I will have a consultation with you about your likes and dislikes, and your expectations. Colors, patterns and layouts will be drawn together electronically so that you may have a good idea of the finished quilt.  The software I use isn’t cheap to purchase and it does take time to learn how to use it.

All of this is called “Design and Planning” and can take several weeks sometimes. For the sake of argument, we will give a very modest estimate of 4 hours time.
Design and Planning time: $300
Now I begin to prep and cut the fabrics for your quilt. They may need washed and/or ironed before starting to cut. Sometimes the grain has to be straightened. Once the pieces are cut, they need to be arranged and sewn together, pressing as I go.
Cutting: $750
Sewing: $1500
Once the top is finished, the backing has to be sewn together and all three layers placed on my long arm quilting frame.
Quilting: $750
After the quilting is completed, I have to trim and square up the quilt, and apply the binding.
Binding Prep, Binding: $450
Total Labor Costs: $3750
For this example, we will say everything went smoothly with no interruptions or mishaps. This was an easy to piece quilt with no frills or fancy stitching. It still would take at least 50 hours for the sewing and quilting to be completed.
My time is worth $75/ hour. I am making you an heirloom that your family will enjoy for years, if not generations. This is not my day job and I am working on it in my spare time, because I enjoy making quilts. I’ve been quilting for most of my adult life. I’ve made no less than several hundred quilts to this date. I am experienced and should be compensated as such.

Professional quilters who make quilts for a living would be adding to your bill for the cost of electricity, rent and equipment. The price I paid for my long arm machine could’ve bought me a car and that’s just one of the pieces of equipment I used to create quilts. Because of its size, I devote a LARGE portion of my living space to my craft. NONE of these things are cheap! The term most often used for these costs is “overhead”. But just for this example, I’ve not included them.
Now your full size quilt measuring 60 X 80 inches is complete. It is simple in design but it is well made and beautiful, just as you requested. Your final cost for the quilt in our example is $3950.

I don’t cut corners. I don’t have special rates. I don’t have a “friends and family” rate. As with painters who supply the paint, bakers who supply the flour and vanilla, I supply the materials, because I am particular about the materials I use.
Yes, I can make you a memory quilt using your loved ones clothing. Because of the planning, labor and intensity of such a project, you can expect the cost to be at least double the above costs. There is often, also, an emotional intensity related to the project that is not present in other quilts.
If you are still interested in having a quilt made, we can talk. If you don’t agree with my pricing or opinions, I am happy to refer you to a quilt shop who can find someone who fits your budget and personality. I’ve sent you here because I care enough to give you a full overview of how I work, in a kind and respectful manner. If you are no longer interested because you think it’s too expensive, nothing more ever needs to be said.