2 comments on “WW #47 Color
  1. Jodie N says:

    Hey Tina and Wenonah,
    I made it all the way through ! Found your podcast really interesting, and I plan to revisit it someday soon.I’ll be choosing paint colours for our new house later in the year, so I’ll definately be surrounding myself with the right colours. Incidentally, I bought baby grandaughter new red jammies, put them on her last night, and she was ‘miss cranky pants’ this morning from 5.00am. !

  2. Melissa G says:

    Listened to the entire podcast in one sitting as I was traveling for work. I never have been good at choosing my favorite color; I’m not really a big fan of the primary brights. Judging by the fabric colors I am most attracted to I really like pinks and oranges but not the dark intense versions. My favorite room in my house is yellow. So I might be one of those indecisive people you mentioned. I like to think that I’m just interested in everything at one time or another. 🙂

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