#44 Quiltcon Recap

My survival kit for the airport. Thanks Heather!

The winner “bling“. Roilyn, me and Daisy

Carmit, Jacquie Gering, me, Roilyn, and Daisy

Roilyn, Jen and me

Daisy, AJ, and me

James, Frances and Paula

Lynn, Pam, Jen, Daisy and Roilyn

Me, Melissa Averinos and Daisy

Mary Fons and me

I’m standing in front of the Aurifil quilt.

This guy was our host for the Ghosts and Graveyards tour.

Me and Christina Cameli

Daisy, Ellen, me and Roilyn

Me and Linzi standing in front of her quilt “Tartan Tattoo”.

Angela Walters and me

The Savannah Riverboat tour on the top deck.

Roilyn and Daisy before we took cover from the sun.

The crochet set that caused me to be searched by TSA.

The rest of my loot!

My favorite picture from this trip. Whatevs.

My current quilting set up. The 301 only gives me a few inches of quilting space, just enough to squeak by.

2 comments on “#44 Quiltcon Recap
  1. Ellen says:

    Hi Tina,
    Just being listen to your latest podcast as I layered and basted a quilt. I have to baste on the floor with the aid of “helper dog” so your podcast was a welcome accompaniment. I haven’t been able to do it since I came home because I got a bad cold which made my asthma flare up quite badly. Anyway enough of me…..
    Throughly enjoyed your podcast as usual. I enjoyed hearing how you spent your time at QuiltCon. When I go to quilt shows with Linzi and Kay(she wasn’t with us this time) we usually dot between the quilts and the vendors because there is only so much your eye and brain can take in before it starts go into overload. Glad that you enjoyed the classes. I would definitely recommend staying a few extra days in Savannah. We had a great time wandering around from time to time during QuiltCon but having the extra day and a half just gave us more time to spend time in some areas that we wanted to experience further.
    Re your longarm Linzi used to be a rep for APQS and might be able to give you some advice about the appropriate APQS machine. Kay still is a rep for APQS. Her bog is Borderline Quilter if you want to see the work that she does on an APQS machine.

  2. Roilyn says:

    I had the best time. I think i laughed more than ever. Love you two!

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